Technology Advantages

We make use of the best advancements in technology coupled with sound growing practices to produce trees with the best root ball in the industry.  The dense, root-filled ball that results from our method produces a hardy and healthy tree ready to transplant in almost any weather.  It can withstand stress from transplanting better and has a lower mortality rate than trees with B&B or plastic container root balls.

GROWING MEDIA    At Echo Dell Farm we have modern machinery to custom mix our own soil-less growing media.  This mix stimulates root development and minimizes the chance of any root disease.  We use the best raw materials and plant stock available.

ADVANCED ROOT CONTAINER TECHNOLOGY   In addition to superior growing media, we use specialized root bag and air-pot containers for advanced root enhancement and control.  RootMaker © Rootrapper © and High Caliper © root control bags and AARPAC © air root-pruning containers have revolutionized nursery growing techniques.  Only the most modern nurseries have adapted this technology due to cost and the requirement to change from old production methods, such as field-grown and plastic-only pots.  Field grown trees must have their roots cut back which can result in 35% or greater loss of root structure to create a ball-and-burlap (B&B) tree.  Trees grown in plastic pots without root bags will quickly develop a “root-circling” structure that can lead to poor growth patterns and even death due to root strangulation around the trunk.

Experts agree that root control bags and air root pruning methods produce trees with the best developed root balls and hence enjoy the greatest chance of survivability, health and long life.

POT-IN-POT PRODUCTION SYSTEM   Ours trees are grown in a “Pot-in-Pot” production system (PNP) where the growing bag is placed in a container which is then placed into a socket pot that is partially sunk in the ground.  PNP systems provide superior wind stability, temperature control and drainage.  The plants are easily harvested at almost any time of the year with less root stress.

DEDICATED WELL & IRRIGATION SYSTEM   The deep well-supplied irrigation system at Echo Dell Farm is computer controlled to provide precisely the correct amount of water to any individual growing bed on any chosen schedule.  The spray stake system of irrigation provides a spray of water all around the top of the root ball at an even rate to give the best growing conditions even in times of long hot summer sun or drought.

Integral to the irrigation system is our Dosatron © dosable fertigation system.  This system allows us to add fertilizer or otherwise treat the growing media to control any problems that might arise.

Technology can provide advantages but having our Nursery Manager in the field every day is the best way to grow healthy trees.  He lives here!